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6 Tips for Living Big with Hearing Challenges or Loss

Hearing accents the world we see in color around us. It is the roar of the sea, the wind in the trees, the music in a medieval church, the chug of the train. It is every adventure we want to take and every challenge we want to solve. Hearing rounds out our life experience with depth. 

When someone struggles to hear, they can easily feel left out, ignored, unimportant, or worse, unloved. There is no worse feeling than this and it leaves a lasting impact on the individual experiencing hearing challenges.

Moreover, they are less likely to believe that they can travel (even airplanes are really loud for most people) let alone start a company. This self-doubt is a brutal and unnecessary pit and we’re challenging you to live BIG no matter what your hearing challenge is, and here’s how:

  1. “If you think you can or can’t, you’re right” – this Henry Ford quote works on every aspect of life. Remember, he didn’t graduate high school. In fact, he left school after 8th grade to help his family. The deep philosophy of this quote is timeless and the first decision you make in deciding whether you will live a big life, despite any perceived disability.
  2. Make One Small Step and Get Excited – Living a big life, anyone will tell you, requires making one small step that excites you. In today’s world it seems hard to find anything to get excited about, but maybe you start with getting a vaccine. This will open doors to feel safer meeting a friend for dinner. It doesn’t have to be a trip to Europe. The small things matter and can often bring the greatest joy.
  3. Find Tools to Improve Your Hearing – The perception of hearing enhancements is being modernized through different, common technologies. Noopl’s use of AirPods Pro means that you can hear and look cool with the latest tech devices.
  4. Set Your Goals for One Year – Experts say that setting goals is often the best way to ensure that you achieve them, sans losing weight in the New Year, a goal 85% of people give up within six weeks. Answer the questions: What makes me feel like I am living a big, amplified life? Maybe it’s eating at 10 new restaurants, visiting 5 areas within one hour of home, reading all of the Harry Potter books. It can literally be anything you want to accomplish.
  5. Invite Your People to Join or Support You  – Finding your people is not often easy or easier than you thought. It may be your sibling, who you may discover always has your back or the neighbor who you see at the same time daily.  Maybe you find them in a Facebook Group community. To make the connection, it means being vulnerable about your insecurities, like challenges with hearing or hearing loss, with others. Once you do, you will feel a deeper bond and maybe even a commonality. Invite them to follow or even join your journey to live a big life. You might be surprised at their reaction and support.
  6. Don’t Be Afraid – Fear over faith, the saying goes. Or if that doesn’t do it then maybe FDR’s famous quote echoed by John F. Kennedy “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. Why be afraid? Why let your hearing loss or challenges stop you from taking a painting class, skydiving, riding your bike 100 miles, starting that business or exploring the beautiful nooks and crannies just an hour from home? If you still feel scared, go back to #1 on this list and start over. 

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