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Amplified Living: Helping Everyone Hear and Live Vibrant, Healthy Lives

Hearing is a key part of how we interpret and interact with the world. It amplifies the colors we see, alerts us to nearby danger, adds depth, beauty and meaning in stereo, but when our hearing starts to decline so do these vibrant interactions with the people and world around us.

Even those with very mild hearing loss can have a difficult time hearing in any loud environment. How many times have you sat in a loud, crowded restaurant feeling left out of the conversation and laughter?

Everyone remembers at least one time of feeling left out or not part of a conversation. As much as you try to listen you simply smile and decide to ask a friend about it later.

According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, 48 million Americans currently have some form of hearing loss and an estimated 50 million Americans experience tinnitus (a continuous ringing in the ears), with 22 million Americans working in loud environments, impacting their hearing and life, in general.

Those with hearing loss tend to retreat from life, be less connected to others, even isolate themselves from social activities, and it can deeply impact the closest relationships.

Around the world, hearing loss has become prevalent enough that governments are taking action by funding subsidies and grants to prevent and manage hearing loss.

At Noopl, we are customer centered. Everything we do is with our customer in mind.

We are experts on all things hearing and have real empathy for those who struggle with hearing and, thus, participating in the moments and conversations that matter.

We work every day with the real purpose to help individuals like you to live vibrantly, work better and play with more laughter while enjoying the ability to hear more clearly. We want you to amplify your life!

The Noopl Team is going one step further by creating this customer centered resource, an online magazine for those living with mild to moderate hearing loss, those of you who care for and love someone dealing with hearing challenges and those interested in hearing health, prevention, maintenance and tools to assist.

Amplified Living is our online magazine dedicated to helping you, and those you love, live the biggest, best, most amplified life possible with and through hearing loss.
Here you will find all of the information and resources that matter to you:

  • Relevant, news and information on hearing health
  • Information, tips and advice for family members with a loved one experiencing hearing loss
  • Stories and more for day-to-day living with hearing loss and hearing challenges
  • Real stories of people like you
  •  A little humor, because when you can laugh at a situation, you win
  • “Things we love” – These lists reveal the things we love, and we know you will love
  • How you can support the community, research and organizations working to improve hearing health for millions of Americans
  • Noopl information, news and product and feature introductions

We’ll even cover the tough parts of living with hearing loss to help you through the difficult realities so that you can get on with living a more connected and amplified life. With technology, like Noopl, today it really is possible to hear, participate and stay connected to friends, family and the world around you, more affordably than ever before, and we’ll show you how.

We invite you to connect and share your stories and anything that feels meaningful to you or someone near you through our social media.


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    This is a very interesting topic hearing loss can cause a multitude of problems for anyone at any age

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