Hearable Tech Startup Ensures Millions Won't Miss A Moment With New Affordable, Innovative Hearing Device Named Best Of CES 2021 By Newsweek

Noopl Introduces Directional Hearing Device to Enhance Hearing in Loud Environments and Through Face Masks, Improving Quality of Life for Hard of Hearing Americans

SACRAMENTO, Calif.May 11, 2021  -- From the grocery store to restaurants to walking down a busy street or riding public transit, noise is all around us. According to the CDC, roughly 62 million Americans have difficulty following conversations in environments with background noise. To help these individuals, tech startup Noopl ( announced the availability of its acclaimed iPhone compatible directional hearing device to U.S. consumers. Noopl is the first MFi (Made for iPhone) accessory with directionality and AI-based noise reduction featuring Chatable AI 2.0, which makes conversations in noisy environments clearer and allows people to live fuller, more connected lives.

The ability to hear impacts every aspect of our lives. Those who struggle with hearing clearly often retreat from social activities such as dining out and large family gatherings or events, leaving them feeling isolated. Although these individuals may not have clinically diagnosed hearing loss, they still struggle to understand speech when there is competing noise. 

In addition, face masks to limit COVID-19 exposure muffle sound, making hearing even more difficult. For those who rely on lip-reading to help with their hearing struggles, this presents even greater challenges to having meaningful connections with others. All of this, experts say, can have a real impact on someone's quality of life as well as their emotional and mental health as they try to hear and be part of conversations.

"People with hearing loss often find themselves not wanting to frequent the places or situations that can lead to frustration and embarrassment due to communication challenges," said Dr. Tim Trine, Noopl CEO. "It's not surprising that medical studies have demonstrated a significantly higher prevalence of clinical depression for people with hearing loss."

There is also a reluctance to wear hearing aids due to the unfortunate negative connotations that go along with hearing loss and hearing aids. And the cost doesn't help either; hearing aids are expensive (thousands of dollars) and not often covered by insurance.

Noopl 1.0

For those who struggle in loud environments or simply want to reduce background noise to hear more clearly, Noopl is life-enriching. Avoiding the stigma of hearing aids, Noopl is an iPhone accessory that pairs with the stylish AirPods Pro, creating an alternative for hearing enhancement that is also far less expensive than hearing aids.

Noopl uses three microphones to focus on desired voices while reducing background noise, improving one's ability to hear more clearly. The real magic comes with AirPods Pro. Noopl takes advantage of the spatial audio feature enabled by iOS 14 for AirPods Pro to track head movement and automatically focus on the voice of the person where the user is looking.

"Socializing is a crucial part of the human experience," said Trine. "Noopl allows people to participate in situations and environments that they may have previously retreated from due to the frustrations of not being able to hear and participate in conversations. This has a tremendous impact on their overall wellbeing, mental and emotional health."

The innovative technology was created and driven by audiology and medical tech experts, including CEO Dr. Tim Trine, who is a recognized leader in the audiology and hearing sciences industry. Forbes said "Noopl: The iPhone Accessory That Could Super-Charge Your Hearing" and Newsweek named it one of its Best of CES 2021.

Noopl 1.0 costs $199.00 and is available at Currently the device is compatible with iPhone 7 and newer and requires AirPods Pro for the auto-steering feature. It also works with all MFi compatible hearing aids. The company plans to release a version for Android next winter.

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About Noopl
Noopl is a Sacramento-based startup focused on breakthrough innovation and technology integration in the consumer audio space. Founded by Steven Verdooner and Kevin Snow, Noopl's patented technology and initial consumer product, which leverages best-in-class multi-microphone beamforming technology, is the first MFi smartphone accessory designed to improve a user's ability to filter out background noise and hear conversations more clearly in noisy situations. The first-generation device plugs into the lightning port of an iPhone and combines advanced aspects of smartphone technology, digital MEMS microphones, low-latency audio signal processing, head tracking, and Noopl's deep expertise in audiology. The company's device augments the entire listening experience and allows users to never miss a moment. Visit