This Award-Winning Hearable Tech Device Is Now Compatible With Beats Fit Pro

Hearing Health & Technology Matters’ Technology Innovator of the Year 2021, Noopl, Expands Options for Individuals with Hearing Difficulties

Sacramento, CA (November 2021) Roughly 62 million Americans have difficulty following conversations in environments with background noise and they are finding affordable relief with Noopl, the acclaimed iPhone accessory. In October, the company was named Hearing Technology Innovator of the Year 2021 by Hearing Health & Technology Matters and recently announced that Noopl is now compatible with Beats Fit Pro noise cancelling earbuds. 

Noopl is the first MFi (Made for iPhone) accessory with directionality and AI-based noise reduction featuring Chatable AI 2.0, which makes conversations in noisy environments clearer and allows people to live fuller, more connected lives. The device uses three microphones to focus on individual speaking voices while reducing background noise, improving one’s ability to hear more clearly in restaurants, airports, and at social gatherings.

Until now, Noopl has only been compatible with AirPods Pro and MFi hearing aids, but the company confirmed this week that Noopl also delivers a first-rate performance with Beats Fit Pro, which is newly released from Apple subsidiary, Beats. Like AirPods Pro, Beats Fit Pro features Apple’s H1 chip, allowing for the dynamic head-tracking capability that Noopl employs to focus on individual speaking voices as a user turns their head. 

 “Our goal at Noopl is to help improve the lives of those with mild to moderate hearing loss,” said Dr. Tim Trine, Noopl CEO.  “We are thrilled to confirm that Beats Fit Pro works with Noopl, making more options available to people who want to get back to their busy lives with friends and colleagues.” 

The Social Effects of Hearing Loss

Social withdrawal and isolation are well-documented results of untreated hearing loss. Nonetheless, it is estimated that only 1 in 5 people with significant hearing loss use hearing aids, since they are costly, associated with aging, and ineffective in noisy environments because they amplify noise. 

More affordable and less conspicuous than hearing aids, Noopl’s low price point, combined with its use of Airpods Pro—and now Beats Fit Pro—which many people already own and use, make it accessible and appealing to those who are not yet ready for hearing aids. Noopl is also compatible with MFi hearing aids, allowing it to mitigate the social effects of hearing loss across the spectrum of severity, and returning users to their lives and conversations.

The Award

The annual Hearing Technology Innovator Awards™, hosted by Hearing Health & Technology Matters, honors six different categories of technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry. Noopl won for Best Remote Microphone Technology in Personal Listening Devices and was named the overall Hearing Technology Innovator of the Year 2021.

Noopl was created by a team of audiology and medical tech experts, including CEO Dr. Tim Trine, who is a recognized leader in the audiology and hearing sciences industry. Forbes has called Noopl “The iPhone Accessory That Could Super-Charge Your Hearing” and Newsweek named it one of its Best of CES 2021. 

Noopl costs $249.00 and is available at, Amazon, and Best Buy. Currently the device is compatible with iPhone 7 and newer and requires AirPods Pro and Beats Fit Pro for the auto-steering feature. It also works with all MFi compatible hearing aids. The company plans to release a version for Android this winter.



About Noopl

Noopl is a Sacramento-based startup focused on breakthrough innovation and technology integration in the consumer audio space. Founded by Steven Verdooner and Kevin Snow, Noopl’s patented technology and initial consumer product, which leverages best-in-class multi-microphone beamforming technology, is the first MFi smartphone accessory designed to improve a user’s ability to filter out background noise and hear conversations more clearly in noisy situations. The first-generation device plugs into the lightning port of an iPhone and combines advanced aspects of smartphone technology, digital MEMS microphones, low-latency audio signal processing, head tracking, and Noopl’s deep expertise in audiology. The company’s device augments the entire listening experience and allows users to never miss a moment. Visit