We believe that capturing the nuances of every conversation adds clarity and vibrance to our lives. 

We’re working to create a more connected and engaged world using technology to allow you to stay in the moment. We believe technology should serve you and allow you to more fully interact with those around you, not just be gadgetry for technology’s sake.

Tim Trine, CEO, and Steven Verdooner, Executive Chairman, at CES 2021 in Noopl’s virtual booth.

Our Story

Noopl began after Steve and his father were at a noisy restaurant and both of them experienced challenges hearing each other. Steve’s father removed his state-of-the-art hearing aids, since even “restaurant mode” wasn’t effective in noisy situations.

Steve knew there had to be a way to use the smartphone that everyone already has, coupled with beamformer microphones and head tracking, to do a better job in noisy situations — for both hearing aid wearers and for those who only have challenges hearing in noise.

With Steve’s background in ophthalmology and audiology, he and co-founder Kevin Snow teamed up with other seasoned scientists and engineers to create Noopl. They licensed best-in-class beamformer microphone technology from the National Acoustics Lab in Sydney, Australia. Hearing industry veteran, Tim Trine, joined in 2020 as President and CEO. Together, they created the first Made for iPhone (MFi) smartphone accessory designed to improve a user’s ability to hear clearly in background noise.  

Tim Trine, CEO, and Steven Verdooner, Executive Chairman, at CES 2021 in Noopl’s virtual booth.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Noopl has a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Every aspect of the experience — from product design, to the materials used, to the box Noopl comes in — is centered around our customer.


At Noopl, we believe in science and measurement, and we make data-driven decisions. We continuously learn and improve.


We do what we say we are going to do. Noopl cares about the quality of our customers’ lives and is working to create a more connected and engaged world; we can help build this world only if our customers believe and trust us.

Where does the name Noopl come from?

Noopl is a mash-up of the words NEW and PLACES, and was intended for an early version of a smartphone app related to going to new restaurants. As an homage to that use case, our founders decided to keep the name (and they really liked the way it sounds) as the Noopl experience is like being in a new place for those previously unable to engage fully in the world around them.

Our Team

Paul Burchfield
Customer Support

Paul is passionate about technologies that enhance lives. From supporting genealogy.com customers conducting family history research to helping launch iPhone at Apple, he brings clarity and understanding to complex issues.

Favorite accomplishments: Featured in a History Channel special and officiated his daughter’s wedding

Peter Chouinard

Peter is a Consulting CFO for Noopl and the Managing Director of the Consumer group at Burkland Associates, a firm that provides CFO, accounting and tax services. At Burkland he has worked with both traditional and technology-oriented consumer clients helping to enable their growth and overall success. Prior to Burkland, Peter had a 30-year career in CPG starting in food, then wine then consumer technology as CFO, President, Board Member and CEO.

Favorite accomplishments: Alcatraz Swim, Advanced Wine Certification

Traci Chu

Traci has held leadership roles in successful consumer and B2B companies, with a focus on acquisition and growth. She earned her marketing chops at Williams-Sonoma, but now loves the fast-paced energy of start-ups like Noopl.

Favorite accomplishment: Ran 4 marathons in 365 days

Craig Keller
Senior Principal Electrical Engineer

Craig's background includes a powerful mix of experimental physics research with extensive industry experience. Now, he's creating high-performance electronics and firmware for Noopl.

Favorite accomplishment: Paddled the LA/Catalina Island crossing in a baidarka he designed and built

Ed Prokopik
Software Engineer

Ed has gained experience as a software engineer by building mobile applications and shipping ideas to the App Store. He is excited to be a part of Noopl's software team.

Favorite accomplishment: Took home a gold medal in a ski race

Todd Robinson
SVP R&D & Operations

Todd brings over 15 years of experience leading Engineering and Operations teams, including at recent start-ups. He earned his MBA from MIT Sloan, and lived in China for 3 years building out an operations org.

Fun Fact: Holds a Diploma in Brewing from the UK Institute of Brewing and Distilling

Kevin Snow
VP of Software

Kevin is co-founder and VP of Software.  He oversees all software development at Noopl. Kevin is a 30+ year Silicon Valley veteran of several successful start-ups, including IPO, after an early career at Apple and Microsoft. Kevin holds a BS degree in Physics from the University of New Hampshire.

Fun Fact: Kevin is a scuba diver and Shark Advocate with Fins Attached

Rodney Sparks
Principal Product Development Engineer

Rodney has held senior-level electromechanical design engineering positions in hydrogen fuel cell start-ups, regenerative medicine, and his own design engineering consultancy. Turning ideas into people-focused solutions is his passion.

Favorite accomplishment: Self-taught in electronics design

Tim Trine, PhD

Tim is a scientist at heart and a hearing-industry veteran having built and led world-class R&D organizations prior to joining Noopl. He has a passion for disruptive innovation and thrives on building great teams.

Favorite accomplishment: Launching Noopl – the company and the product!

Steve Verdooner
Executive Chairman, Co-Founder

Steve is a seasoned, results-driven executive with over 30 years of experience in medical device markets, with a proven track record of launching successful startups. Steve spends his time thinking about how to solve big medial problems.

Favorite accomplishment: Living every day - Carpe diem.

Onur Yildiz
Senior Product Manager

Onur is responsible for providing a seamless user experience on mobile with features that delight customers. His expertise in launching innovative & useful consumer products has resulted in millions of downloads. Mobile Apps are his passion, and his strength is creating products from the ground up.

Fun Fact: Onur loves traveling the world and has visited 18 cities in 5 continents