Designed to improve your ability to hear in noise

Works best in noisy environments

Noopl’s three microphones together create a steerable beamformer that improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in acoustically challenging environments, such as bars, family gatherings and meeting rooms.

Control how narrow or wide you focus your Noopl using the Noopl Listen app.

Automatic and Manual modes adapt to any situation

Automatic Mode directs your hearing as you turn your head, while Manual Mode allows you to direct your hearing with your finger on your phone screen. Narrow/wide/omni controls allow you to direct your hearing toward one person or the entire table. Further customize your listening experience with bass and treble controls.   



Lightning fast steering

Lightning fast steering

Head steering information is passed to Noopl every few milliseconds via AirPods Pro® or Beats Fit Pro® and the user’s iPhone, allowing the listener to switch between different voices almost instantaneously. The app also recognizes whether the phone is in the user’s hand or resting on a surface, in order to direct and optimize listening performance.

Hear the difference

Compare the same conversation with and without Noopl and hear the difference for yourself 

Having trouble hearing this audio? Check to make sure that Silent Mode is off on your device.

We are honored to be awarded by Hearing Health & Technology Matters for technological innovation and achievement in the hearing industry.

Testing in the Lab

Does Noopl really make conversation more clearly audible in noisy environments? Hear for yourself! Our Knowles Electronic Manikin for Acoustic Research (KEMAR) is using Noopl to direct his listening toward the speaker across from him. Five additional speakers surround KEMAR in the room to simulate sound in a crowded environment.

  • Automatic Mode
  • Manual Mode

Improved speech processing featuring Chatable AI 2.0

Chatable AI 2.0 is the next generation conversational AI. It’s the unique fusion of proprietary Deep Learning AI with cutting-edge auditory neuroscience know-how and functions similarly to how a human brain processes speech to make it easier to follow conversation. The advanced Deep Neural Network technology takes in sound, and from it produces a clear, loud and precise voice feeding straight into the ear, indiscernible from the original and with substantially reduced background noise. Chatable AI 2.0 is continuously learning and improving over time with regular updates to the Noopl App.

Incredible performance from quality parts

Digital MEMS microphones provide the precision and stability in matching that allows for excellent directional performance which is uncompromised by changes in heat and humidity.

High fidelity of what you want to hear

The low-voltage, low-power stereo audio codec drives a balanced-armature receiver to preserve and amplify the directional stream that couples to the iPhone’s front-end ensuring high-fidelity transmission of the signal of interest.

Super fast processing

The ultra-low-power microprocessor operates at 120 MHz which performs up to 150 million instructions per second (Dhrystone MIPS) allowing the audio signal processing to compute the directional beam which can be steered to within 2 degrees of azimuthal precision, allowing the user to focus on the source they want to hear. An environmental detection algorithm, which is updated every few milliseconds, ensures that the optimal signal-to-noise ratio improvement is maintained across diverse acoustical conditions.

Grounded in data and science

The scientists and engineers at the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) in collaboration with the HEARing CRC and the University of Melbourne and Noopl, Inc. spent over 5 years perfecting the microphone array processing used in the Noopl accessory.