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“Noopl is the smartest gadget at CES 2021 — and I really want one”

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“If you struggle to hear conversations in a bustling restaurant or busy supermarket, Noopl might just save you a fortune on hearing aids.”

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“This ingenious iPhone gadget lets you focus on conversations in noisy environments...Very impressive!”

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“While we might not be spending our evenings in noisy restaurants, this can also help users hear better at the store where masks muffle speech.”

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“Noopl looks like one of the more interesting hardware startups to come out of CES”

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CES 2021: 13 of the coolest products spotted at Pepcom's Digital Experience

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“This could seriously reduce the instances of “what did you say?” once we get together again.”

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“Noopl works with your iPhone to improve the way you hear other people.”

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“Not recognizing the acoustic and physiological origins of the problem lead many couples to assume the worst from their partner.”

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“...allows you to easily and very accurately reduce the background noises within any crowded areas so that you can better listen to what those that are accompanying you are saying.”

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"It doesn’t silence everybody else, but it does give clarity and prominence to the voice you want. It’s like a focusing device for sound."

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"Noopl offers users a simple, affordable solution to address a common problem – hearing clearly in background noise."

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“It works incredibly well. We were really blown away by what’s in it. It’s got improved speech processing featuring Chatable AI 2.0...We got a chance to test it out. We really loved it. The directional thing works awesome and it can enhance if you’re somebody who has like me tinnitus or somebody who sometimes has trouble hearing isn’t quite perfect anymore, this can help you especially in noisy areas. Highly recommend it.”

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“The uses are never-ending...  After just a few hours using the pocket-sized Noopl, it’s easy to see the tremendous results.”

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"Noopl’s continual dedication to their customer’s ability to experience meaningful connections is what sets them apart. They’re constantly looking to enhance their products so that nobody will miss a thing when communicating with others."

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Interview with Fred Fishkin: Noopl creates assisted hearing technology using iPhone and AirPod Pro

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Scott Hickman and Dr. Tim Trine discuss the benefits and use cases of Noopl, and how it is already massively helping people with difficulty hearing, in an easy and straightforward way.

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"This is a great product for somebody who's interested in hearing better in background noise but not quite ready for hearing aids."

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"The Noopl device still delivered well for me streaming a very clear speech signal even in competing levels of noise."

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Audiologist Matthew Allsop reviews Noopl for Hearing Tracker.

"If you are someone who wants to improve your hearing in noisy environments but aren’t quite ready for hearing aids, the Noopl iPhone accessory is ideal."

Black News Channel In the Black

"In restaurants, meetings, and other situations where there isn't a lot of loud music in the background, Noopl is perfect!"

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Dave Kemp interviews Dr. Tim Trine.  Noopl was named 'Innovator of the Year' for its accessory that provides better hearing in background noise. 

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"If you are like me, then some of your senses have not aged well. If hearing is one of them, or you just need something to discern a particular voice through the crowds, then may I be the first to suggest Noopl."

Cult of Mac

"While I’m nowhere near needing a medical-grade hearing aid, I do sometimes have problems hearing people in loud restaurants...But I can attach the Noopl 2.0 to my iPhone, put in my AirPods Pro, and hear the person I’m talking to more easily. The gadget can filter out a useful amount of the crowd noise."

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Gift Ideas for Globetrotters
"Travelling is often noisy. Streets are loud. Airports have a constant din. Restaurants clamor with talks and utensils clinking. Bars are blaring so that you have to shout to be heard—and when everybody is shouting no one can hear. There’s a remedy for that too, now."

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Ben Thompson, AuD from Treble Health interviews Noopl CEO Tim Trine  about the limitations of hearing aids for speech understanding in background noise.

My Life On & Off the Guestlist

Noopl makes the My Life On & Off the Guestlist Holiday Gift Guide: Gadgets Worth Gifting This Holiday Season.

Sacramento Inno

Noopl featured as a Startup to Watch in the Business Journal's Sacramento Inno coverage. Startups were selected that are poised to make big moves, either in growth, funding, technology or development. 

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Hearing Health & Technology Matters: Hearing Technology Innovator of the Year

Hearing Health & Technology Matters: Hearing Technology Innovator for Personal Listening Device

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Newsweek: Best of CES

"Noopl will be music to the ears of anyone who’s ever struggled to have a conversation in a restaurant, coffee shop or other public space, and all it takes is an add-on for the phone you already have."

PCMagazine: TechX Awards 

The Most Innovative Products and Technologies of CES 2021

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“Say what? Hearing loss is no joke once you hit the magic age of 40, but a new gadget debuting at CES could make for a more effective alternative to a hearing aid”